Thankful for Comedy

This weekend we were all thankful to be at The Comedy Bar! Our lineup consisted of some of our club favorites. I can’t think of a more perfect way we could have kicked off the holiday season. Check this out.

Friday night, Josh Ejnes, former Comedy Bar intern, made his debut as a weekend host on our stage! He’s a really cool guy, always wearing cool guy glasses and usually a hat of some sort. Josh is one of my favorite young comedians on the Chicago comedy scene right now (which he knows because I told him that before we’d even said more than ten words to each other). We will definitely be having him back so if you get a chance to come check him out, definitely do so!

Kellye Howard featured for part of this weekend and it’s always an honor to have her on our stage. She is a complete powerhouse and my personal favorite female comedian. She drops by fairly often (because she’s amazing), so definitely come and see what she’s all about. Fun fact: she is probably the only comedian I haven’t embarrassed myself in front of as I try to stay silent to give off the impression that I’m cool, calm, and collected (false).

Drew Frees was our headliner this weekend and it was a real treat having him back! He’s completely hilarious and has a very distinctive, cartoony voice that immediately wins crowds over. I’ve never had a conversation with him BUT I did change the background of my work computer to a picture of him. I don’t think he found that as funny as I did.

Stay tuned for more stories from our weekend shows! Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!


By: Maxine Grandy