Hot, Hot Comedy Showcase

For those of you who are obsessed with the local Chicago comedy scene (oh, just me? Ok!) this is the weekend for you to drop by The Comedy Bar! We have amazing comedians, most of whom are local to Chicago but are all nationally touring. If you’re visiting or just want to get familiar with some of the best Chicago comedy has to offer, come on out! You won’t be disappointed.

Em Brown, our host for the weekend,is a Chicago south side native who draws comedic inspiration from his own life experiences. You can literally catch him all over the city but this weekend, he’s ours, so come check him out!

We’re thrilled to have Cory Michaelis with us this weekend. He’s a Seattle native, is a regular in all of the clubs in the Pacific Northwest, but performs in clubs all over the country. He performed last night for our audience and had them cracking up the entire time!

We have Natalie Jose, a club favorite, representing the ladies this week! Not only is she one of our favorites but she’s well-loved all over the city. If you haven’t seen her perform, definitely come out and see what it’s all about.

Finally we have Jeff Arcuri rounding out the lineup. Jeff, like Natalie, is an extremely popular comedian around Chicago. In addition, he travels around the country performing. Come see his impression of Big Mouth Billy Bass!

These are just four of the comedians we have lined up for the weekend! Be sure to stop in and check them out!