Gino’s East

About Gino’s East

The Comedy Bar is happy to share a building with Chicago’s own Gino’s East Pizza, home of the best Chicago-style deep dish pizza in the city! For 50 years, the original Gino’s East has been offering the best deep dish pizza experience in Chicago. Since they opened their doors in 1966, they’ve shared millions of their signature golden-crust Chicago-style pizzas with Chicagoans, celebrities, and visitors from all over the world.

gino's east river north exterior

About Deep Dish Pizza

Gino’s Chicago-style deep dish is made the same way it was 50 years ago. They start with their signature, secret-recipe dough and top it with mounds of mozzarella cheese, fresh toppings, and tangy tomato sauce. Gino’s deep dish pies are slowly baked in seasoned cast iron pans until the crust is golden and flaky, then served table-side, piping hot, right out of the pan.



In addition to pizza, Gino’s offers a variety of snacks, sandwiches, salads, and more. Check out the menu.

About Gino’s Brewing Company

Gino’s Brewing Company opened in February 2015, and has become a River North staple for the neighborhood and Chicago craft beer fans. With a rotation of house brewed beers on tap, the Gino’s Brewing Company has something to offer for every beer lover.


Our brewhouse is located on the first floor of the Gino’s East River North, 500 N. LaSalle. This gives us the unique opportunity to have our thoughtfully crafted beers pair with the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Brewmaster Kevin has hand picked some of his favorite items for our beer pairing menu to help maximize the Gino’s experience for our customers.

About our Building

This building once powered Chicago’s often forgotten cable car system. The building, designated as a Chicago landmark in 2001, was built in 1887 as The LaSalle Street Cable Car Powerhouse. According to the City of Chicago’s official website, it was built by The North Chicago Street Railroad Company, “which at its peak in the 1890s was the largest in the country, operating thousands of cable cars over 82 miles of track…[and] brought approximately 100,000 workers into downtown Chicago each day.”