Bearded Weirdos on the Stage

What a fun weekend at The Comedy Bar! We had Mike Lebovitz headlining, which is always a treat since he moved from Chicago to New York. It was a very funny, very weird, very bearded line-up this week. Here’s what we served up on the stage:

Chris Higgins, our newest host to The Comedy Bar stage and a regular golden retriever of a human being, killed all weekend. Fun fact, I produce a monthly stand-up showcase with him and he’s very good at finding mis-matched chairs for house shows. He also produces the “Chill As Fuck Show” which is a popular show that is put on at Second City weekly. They’re on a short hiatus currently but return to the Beat Lounge in a few weeks.

Ricky Gonzalez is somebody that I’ve never uttered a word to besides “Hey” (but that’s mostly because I smiled at him all crazy one time and now I’m too embarrassed to interact). He definitely helped to balance out the wacky lineup through his dry comedy about his job working with kids. However, he is a really nice guy and has an album coming out on iTunes called “Kid Stuff.” Check it out!

Mike Lebovitz, our headliner this week, holds a special place in my heart because he was the first comedian to introduce himself to me after I started working here. Not only is he hilarious but I’ve never seen him bomb or even do badly in front of an audience before. He’s been on “Last Comic Standing” and is apparently commonly referred to as “spontaneous, joyful, and slightly terrifying.” Keep an eye on the website for show dates and catch him when he’s back in town!