The Comedy Bar Announces a ‘Pop Up’ on the Patio at Novelty Iron Works

Chavoshi hopes that the temporary outdoor venue in Dubuque will be both welcoming and safe for customers.

Staff has constructed an outdoor stage and installed new lighting and signage.

Tables have been situated 6 feet apart to ensure adequate social distancing. Meanwhile, the staff has been retrained to ensure adherence to guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other governmental agencies.

“We want to be a safe place for live entertainment,” Chavoshi said. “I think people are a little more comfortable in an outdoor setting.”

The return of live comedy will be a welcome addition to the Millwork District. Koppes said the Novelty Iron Works Building has been locked for months, with only the apartment tenants allowed inside.

“The streets are normally full of people, but recently, it has been so quiet,” Koppes said. “It has been lonely here.”

The reopening of Comedy Bar doesn’t mean the Millwork District will snap back to normal. But Koppes believes it could provide a glimmer of light in a dark time.

“With what everybody has been through, this will give people a chance to relax and get a good laugh,” she said. “With what everyone has been through, I think that is important.”